David Heywood - Chair of the local governing

Hello - my name is David Heywood and as Chair of the local governing body I would like to welcome you to the Governance page of the Stoke Studio College, where you can find out more about the important role that governance plays in the operation of the Studio College.

If you would like to contact me at

Stoke Studio College is one of several entities who are part of a Multi Academy Trust called the Alpha Academies Trust. Alpha was created to establish a network of schools in the City of Stoke-on-Trent that provide excellent academic tuition and outstanding vocational experiences for young people.

Alpha holds ultimate responsibility for all statutory obligations, accountability and decisions regarding the running of each individual academy in the Trust.  However, the Alpha delegates some of the operational decisions to local governing bodies (LGBs) to enable a more localised and focused control, though it retains legal responsibility for standards across all academies in the multi academy trust. It gives due regard to any recommendations and guidance received from the LGBs and recognises their valuable contribution. Further information on the Alpha can be found at the following link: www.alphaacademiestrust.co.uk

What does the Local Governing Body do?
Although the LGBs are constituted in an advisory capacity to the Alpha Academies Trust Board of Directors, they play a vital and fundamental role of raising attainment and achievement in each academy through:

  • Monitoring the academic performance of the academy – including critical and detailed analysis of data. Questioning and challenge are crucial to ongoing improvements
  • Holding managers to account
  • Supporting academy students and staff

How often does the Local Governing Body meet?
The local governing body generally meets five times per academic year to monitor the Studio College’s performance.  A small number of additional meetings may also be held to review specific areas in the College, if required.

Interested in becoming a Governor at the Stoke Studio School?
The Academy is keen to involve people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.  We strive to have a diverse and representative local governing body, working together to make a real difference to the learning experiences and opportunities available to our learners.  If you would like more information on becoming a governor at the Stoke Studio College please contact the Clerk to the local governing body, Maxine Bagshaw in the first instance on mobile no: 07912 218771 or e-mail: maxine.bagshaw@wnc.ac.uk

Note: Governor positions are voluntary and no remuneration is paid. Reasonable travel expenses can be reimbursed.