Post-16 Results

Post 16 results were very encouraging. 

2 Year 12 students achieved a 90 credit Diploma at Distinction Distinction*, reaching their aspirational targets.

Of the Year 13 Level 3 Extended Diploma students 100% achieved a qualification; 6 of the 19 achieved their aspirational target or better.  This resulted in a VA score of -0.16 which places them broadly in line with all other students nationally who completed the same qualification. 

* We base each student's Value Added (VA) score on a comparison between their total Key Stage 5 point score and the typical performance of students with similar characteristics and similar results at Key Stage 4.

If the student's total Key Stage 5 results are better than the average achieved by their peers, the VA will be positive; if they do less well, it will be negative.

All individual student scores, positive and negative, are added together and an average produced for the institution.