Why choose Stoke Studio College?

Why choose Stoke Studio College?

Students at Stoke Studio College have a passion for their subject, wanting to understand our world, how it works, and how we use our knowledge to invent our future.

Students with different strengths and ideas work together on exciting experiences and projects. All students gain enterprise skills and understand how to work effectively in a real work environment with support from their teachers (learning coaches) and pastoral mentors (personal coaches).

Achieving academic and technical qualifications, some will start an apprenticeship or a great job, some will go to university or further study and some will decide to set up their own business. What makes us different is a focus on offering a curriculum that offers the opportunity to study technical subjects and delivering these qualifications in a different way. We often take learning out of a traditional classroom setting; real-life, themed, project-based learning both in the College and the surrounding community consolidates the relevance of what is taught.

• Do you want to be part of creating solutions?
• Do you want to think about how to solve problems for people and how to suggest solutions for problems that people don’t even know about yet?
• Do you want to develop your practical skills?
• Do you want to increase your personal skills and confidence?
• Do you want to learn how to create wealth?
• Do you want to work alongside employers, in a project team?

We need experts who can work together to solve problems and make the most of our resources to create a sustainable future.

Creativity is crucial in construction, engineering and business. Think about what you have, do and use in your everyday life.


This college is right for you if you:

• Have an interest in developing skills related to Business, Engineering or Construction and the Built Environment?
• Are excited by the concept of project-based learning
• Want to work things out, think for yourself and respond to the challenge of solving problems
• Relish the idea of being treated as an adult and working in a mature and business-like environment
• Would feel supported by having a personalised learning plan
• Want to build positive relationships with learning coaches and personal coaches
• Want to be an independent learner and a future expert